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Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Cell Cycle Control: Mechanisms and Protocols offers all cell researchers an indispensable collection of critical reviews and techniques essential to investigate how normal cells divide and how this is altered in disease.

Cell Cycle Regulators during Human Atrial Development

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Cell Cycle Regulation

Berkowitz Protocols: Analyzing Cell Cycle Regulations Leman, Sara L. Bristow, and Steven B. Haase Koepp Rodriguez-Gabriel Stout, Edgar Asiimwe, James R.

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Nakamura Thwaites, Matthew J. Cecchini, and Frederick A. Dick Raghuraman, and Wenyi Feng Leman and Eishi Noguchi Gorbsky Parish Przewloka, David M. Glover, and Vincent Archambault Methods Cell Biol.

PLoS Genet. Cell shape and Wnt signaling redundantly control the division axis of C.


Cell Biol. Regulation of DNA synthesis and replication checkpoint activation during C. InTech Open Access Books. Edited by Jelena Kusic-Tisma. ISBN Cell Sci. PLoS One. Conserved functions of the pRB and E2F families.

Cell Cycle Control Mechanisms and Protocols Methods in Molecular Biology Tim Humphrey, Gavin Br

Galli M, van den Heuvel S. Determination of the cleavage plane in early C. A protein domain-based interactome network for C. Transcriptional control of cell-cycle quiescence during C.

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Korzelius J, van den Heuvel S. Replication licensing: oops! I did it again.

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Coordination of cell proliferation and differentiation: finding a GEM in the root? Large-scale RNAi screens identify novel genes that interact with the C. BMC Dev. Cell-cycle regulation. Koreth J, van den Heuvel S.

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Cell-cycle control in Caenorhabditis elegans : how the worm moves from G1 to S. The C. Methods Mol.