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The Recording Engineer’s Handbook

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Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. May 17, For the record:. I haven't read a book since high school. Why would I read a book when I could just watch tutorials on YouTube? Successful engineers in the music industry are lifelong learners.

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It doesn't matter if you have a degree in the recording arts and sciences, or even if you've cut records — there's always room to learn something new. For decades, aspiring engineers have relied on the apprenticeship system to hone their craft, but those opportunities are literally one in a million.

There are only a handful of extraordinary engineers and a very limited number of assistant positions available. Some of the most successful engineers of all time have committed their wisdom to print to help the rest of us learn the ropes. Check out our list of the best books for learning the arts of recording, mixing and beyond.

Renegade Review: The Recording Engineer's Handbook

Modern Recording Techniques has been used in classrooms since it was first released in His infamous Cambridge Multitrack Library is essentially basic training for aspiring mix engineers. His book, Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio , provides a complete mixing course based around the techniques of more than of the world's most famous producers. It explores complex topics and explains them in a simple, visual manner. Some books discuss audio engineering from a scientific perspective, and others take a more artistic approach, but The Art of Mixing is the perfect blend of both styles.

The Recording Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski - PDF Drive

It combines the mixing jargon with diagrams to show you how each genre is mixed differently. Just the diagrams in the middle are worth the price of the book, and it has so much more to offer! By using a three-dimensional diagram you can better understand how various genres are mixed and how they all fit together in a 3D sound scape. A great book for a different perspective on mixing. All of the books in this round-up are books that I have read and recommend highly.

Introducing Advanced Mixing

This book is on this list due to the recommendations of others. I bought it after a few engineers recommended it as the great bible of acoustics and I am currently reading it. Acoustics is definitely one of the more important things to get right in your studio.

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If you record in rooms with lousy acoustics your sound will suffer. Similarly, if you mix in a control room with lackluster acoustics you are more likely to EQ incorrectly, add too much or too little bass or generally create an unbalanced mix. Yes, it does have a bunch of math, but it also explains everything really well. This book is stock-full of great information from the leaders of the field.

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This one is the newest on my list. I read this book immediately when it came out. I then gave it away to someone, I forget who. I immediately bought it again. I think all the books above are some of the best-selling books about audio on the market.