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Superior standards call for accurate awareness of inventory while it is in a warehouse. Effective warehouse design, such as storage systems that provide ready visibility to Work-in-Process can be an effective tool to achieve superior standards. Vendors such as Quantum Storage offer Steel Shelving and other products that can assist in this realm.

A vendor compliance program communicates to vendors exactly how you want their product to arrive. Your program should include specific labeling requirements, standard case quantities, advanced shipping notification standards, or any other policy that you believe will help your plant or factory to perform more consistently.

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This strategy is even more paramount your operations are distributed across a multi-site environment. Standards for any effective vendor compliance program should be developed through a collaborative effort involving procurement as well as operational personnel. Language barriers are expected to remain a problem for warehouse manages well into the foreseeable future. The International Warehouse Logistics Association IWLA discloses on its blog that logistics industry standards and best practices should involve deploying multilingual software and protocols that encourage managers to embrace diversity in the workplace.


The use of bar codes is one approach that can help to overcome the language barrier. As materials or Work in Process is received and scanned, these items can then be tracked and managed throughout the production process without risk of human error in typing in the wrong information as it arrives on a receiving dock.

Lean Supply Chain: Collected Practices & Cases (Insights on Implementation)

Superior logistics planning includes cross-docking wherever possible. Cross-docking is the practice of unloading materials from an incoming vehicle and immediately loading these same materials directly onto outbound vehicles with minimal or zero warehousing interval between. Cross-docking is an ideal solution when product freshness is paramount.

Cross-docking evolved out of a need to get perishable goods to market quickly. This procedure is one of the key inclusions an organization can make to its portfolio of standards whose function is to drive manufacturing and distribution center improvements.

Even if a Lean program has been implanted, the opportunity to find new areas for operational improvement likely still exists. I have presented these five concepts as a challenge for you: Is there one item here that you could implement? If so, the opportunity to make your plan for next year might be a step closer! Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management provides explanations of both basic and advanced Lean tools, as well as specific Lean implementation opportunities. The book then describes a Lean implementation methodology with critical success factors.

Real-world examples and case studies demonstrate how to effectively use this powerful strategy to realize significant, long-term improvements and bottom-line savings.

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Paul Myerson has been a successful change catalyst for a variety of clients and organizations of all sizes. Myerson serves as an adjunct professor at several universities, including Kean University and New Jersey City University.

Table of Contents Chapter 1. Getting Started: Lean Forward Chapter See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Read an excerpt of this book!

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