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Flexible engineering designs for urban water management in Lusaka, Zambia. References Publications referenced by this paper. Discussion: A methodology for regional-scale flood risk assessment Ben Gouldby , P. Sayers , J. Mulet-Marti , Mergani M. Aidaroos Hassan , Daniel Benwell.

Evacuation planning using multiobjective evolutionary optimization approach Mohammad Saadatseresht , Ali Mansourian , Mohammad Taleai.

The use of real options and multi-objective optimisation in flood risk management

AI techniques for hydrological Modeling and mangement. II: Optimization Greer B. Humphrey , Graeme C. Dandy , Holger R. Flood damage, vulnerability and risk perception - challenges for flood damage research Frank Messner , Volker Meyer.

Towards risk-based flood hazard management in the UK P. Sayers , Jim W. Hall , I. An essential guide to any quantity surveyor, architect or engineer. Taking off quantities: Civil Engineering demonstrates, through a series of detailed worked examples from a range of civil engineering projects, how the measurement techniques are actually used. This annual guide to pricing electrical and mechanical HEVAC services installation contains material prices, labour elements and measured works prices for mechanical contracts from pipework to ductwork and heating systems to air conditioning.

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Electrical contacts are also covered, from power supply through to light switches. With the added bonus of the Approximate Estimating sections enabling quick, rule-of-thumb pricing, with detailed data and analysis, the edition of the Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book provides the definitive estimating toolkit for the construction, building and surveying industries. New Features for The approximate estimating section now includes: Wider range of building types for both elemental and all-in m2 rates All-in rates for pipework In the Measured works section: The electrical section is now in line with the CAWS that SMM7 follows Added information on access control and security detection and alarm The mechanical section includes more information on plant and equipment i.

In preparing the sixth edition of "Estimating Construction Costs" the author has retained the fundamental concepts of estimating that have made the book successful for many years. All of the example problems have been revised with more explanations regarding assumptions used in the calculations.

This edition has reorganized and consolidated chapters to increase the clarity of the subject matter for the reader. Extensive new sections have been added on equipment, including graders equipped with GPS, and methods of calculating depreciation, investment, and operating costs of construction equipment. The computer estimating chapter is revised with additional material on the use of computers in preparing estimates for bidding purposes.

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Do you work on jobs between 50 and 50,? Then this book is for you. Specially written for contractors, quantity surveyors and clients carrying out small works, this book contains accurate information on thousands of rates each broken down to labour, material overheads and profit.

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More than just a price book, it gives easy-to-read professional advice on setting up and running a business. It examines the links between design and the costs of building, as well as more general economic issues and their significance for designers and builders.

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Each building component is allocated its own data sheet on which a number of generic descriptions are provided together with assessed life-spans and maintenance requirements. References to the relevant standards and codes of practice are also included. Building in Value brings together many experts in the field to outline the wide range of tools, techniques and procedures that can and should be used to make the building procurement phase as efficient as possible.

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The authors go on to discuss how to ensure that future problems in the design and construction of the buildings are anticipated at the start and to minimise the liklihood of future hiccups. Integrating strategic, financial and construction management techniques, this book provides an essential guide for construction professionals. An essential guide to any quantity surveyor, architrect or engineer Taking off quantities: Civil Engineering demonstrates, through a series of detailed worked examples from a range of civil engineering projects, how the measurement techniques are actually used.

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Don't know where to start? By presenting the reader with a series of key research management questions, this book introduces the novice researcher to a range of research designs and data collection methods. Building an understanding of these choices and how they can impact on the dissertation itself will lead to a more robust and rigorous dissertation study. This book is designed to direct your research choices with informative text and key questions, advice from "virtual supervisors" and reflections from students.

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Lists of suggested further reading also help to support you on your journey to developing an organised and successful dissertation project. Researchers seeking support on their journey to a successful dissertation will find this book a valuable resource. This book provides a check list, classified by work section, which will enable the cost engineer to ensure that no items of significant cost have been omitted.

The committee of the Association of Cost Engineers responsible for its compilation includes experts from contractors, petrochemical companies and engineering consultancies, ensuring that the check list is relevant to all sides of the industry and as up to date and comprehensive as possible. This book should be of interest to quantity surveyors, chemical plant contractors, consulting engineers and cost engineers. This is the first book to focus on this range of external work, including garden maintenance work on blocks of flats and individual houses, schools and sports fields, garden makeovers, laying patios and paths, small land drainage schemes on farmland, and small-scale local authority maintenance work.

The budgeting system described in this book will help the reader to: document project scope at a level that provides excellent cost control at design stage establish the parameters of potential sites before selecting one determine the amount of financing needed before deciding to bid on a project make a detailed and robust building project budget determine the rental rate necessary to see if a building project will be marketable The technique used is a parametric cost system, not the square foot cost system used by most who quote an up-front building cost.

To help calculate the parameter quantities and price them as quantified, this book comes with 5 electronic templates to calculate program scope; i. It also includes: the author s parametric cost database and cost template to prepare the construction estimate a soft cost template to price out all related program costs, convert them to a monthly cash flow, incorporate financing costs and then reveal the final budget an operation and maintenance annual cost template to calculate those variable and fixed costs necessary to run the building and then convert the result into the necessary rental rate to capitalize all costs The spreadsheets, data, advice, and templates, are all introduced through a detailed case study, placing everything in an easy to understand practical context.

This will prove an invaluable guide not only for estimators and cost engineers, but also developers, clients, and architects. As these issues create waves throughout the industry whilst it continues its global growth in emerging markets, such reflections on QS practice are now more important than ever. The book is essential reading for all Quantity Surveying students, teachers and professionals. It is particularly suited to undergraduate professional skills courses and non-cognate postgraduate students looking for an up to date understanding of the industry and the role.

Spon's Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book continues to be the most comprehensive and best annual services engineering price book currently available, providing detailed pricing information across the full range of mechanical and electrical services, together with higher-level costs for a diverse range of systems and different building applications. Use the access code inside the front cover of the book to get set up with internet access to this edition until the end of December We now provide a VitalSource R ebook, giving a versatile and powerful online data viewing package.

Updates are available online at www. The Latham and Egan reports and a client-led crusade for value for money is driving Quantity Surveyors to adopt these changes.

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In addition, the industry and the profession now stands on the threshold of the e-commerce revolution - one which has so far failed to penetrate the working practices of the majority of surveyors, particularly SMEs. Duncan Cartlidge addresses the evolving market in which today's Quantity Surveyors work, examining the new construction culture, new procurement strategies, e-practice and the QS, changing markets, delivering added value, supply chain management and partnering. The book is recommended reading for students of quantity surveying and an essential guide for all surveying professionals seeking to familiarise themselves with the latest developments.

It covers all basic methods of surveying like chain surveying, compass surveying, plane table surveying , theodolite surveying and explain use of levels, contouring etc.